Dishonored gets its first shot of DLC in the shape of Dunwall City Trials

PS3 version not due in Europe till next week

Arkane's first shot of downloadable content for Dishonored has just arrived for PC and consoles.

Dunwall City Trials adds 10 Challenge maps to Dishonored designed to push Corvo's assassination skills to the very limit.

Fight off waves of the game's enemies from guards to the fearsome tallboys (they still sound like some malicious antique furniture) or string together an impressive run of drop-assassinations and then share your scores on the global online leaderboard.

Dunwall City Trials is available to download from today on PC and Xbox 360 for 3.99 GBP and 400 MS Points respectively. US PS3 gamers will also get it today with European PS3 owners needing to wait until December the 19th. The PS3 version is priced the same as the PC version (4.99 USD or 3.99 GBP).

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