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New trailer for Gears Of War: Judgment premieres at the VGAs

Pre-order bonus outlined

One of the big premieres at this year's VGA's was the latest trailer for the next big Gears Of War game.

The new trailer People Can Fly's first Gears game, Gears Of War: Judgment shows off some of the gameplay and gives a hint as to what Baird and Cole have to face in the wake of Emergence Day.

Microsoft has also revealed what Gears fans will get as a bonus for pre-ordering Gears Of War: Judgment. The Classic Hammerburst rifle will be included as bonus downloadable content for the multiplayer mode giving pre-order gamers an extra edge in online battles with the rifle's power and accuracy.

Gears Of War: Judgment will be released on March the 19th in North America and March 22nd in the UK and Europe. As usual it will be available exclusively on Xbox 360.

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