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Capcom announces Street Fighter X Mega Man

Free PC title coming in honour of Mega Man and Street Fighter both turning 25

As a special treat for the 25th anniversary of the Street Fighter series (yes it has been that long) Capcom has announced the launch of a free PC game, Street Fighter X Mega Man due later this month.

It comes at the perfect time as we move from Street Fighter's 25th year and in to Mega Man's 25th anniversary year.

The game itself is a fan-made title created by Seow Zong Hui from Singapore under the watchful eye of Capcom and features eight original Street Fighter-themed levels complete with bosses from Capcom's iconic fighting series all faithfully created in a classic 8-bit Mega Man style.

Street Fighter X Mega Man will be available to download from the Capcom Unity community website for free from December the 17th.

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