Eurocom goes into administration, all remaining staff let go

Closure blamed on the slowing console and PC market

007 Legends developer, Eurocom has gone into administration after hat has been a pretty terrible month for the studio.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that Eurocom laid off 150 of its 200-strong workforce and they explained that they have been forced into administration as they are "experiencing financial difficulties due to expected contracts being delayed."

With the administrators called in, Eurocom has been shuttered and the remaining 50 staff have been let go calling time on 25 years of games development for the Derby-based studio.

Eurocom blamed their woes on the slow-down in the console and PC games business resulting in a reduction in titles being commissioned. It hasn't helped that of their most recent releases 007 Legends was universally panned by critics and Harry Potter Kinect disappeared without a trace in the midst of a sea of huge triple-A releases.

Thanks Eurogamer.

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