Painful Memories DLC arrives for Max Payne 3

Multiplayer maps include the Roscoe Street Subway Station

As if Max Payne didn't have enough to deal with the Painful Memories DLC arrives today bringing the bad memories flooding back.

The Painful Memories DLC includes four multiplayer maps evoking memories some of the most dramatic portions of Max Payne's story. These include the Roscoe Street Subway Station and Max's favourite drinking dive, Marty's Bar as well as the bloodbath at Canal De Panama and the new Shoot First map for Gang Wars mode set on the Branco's luxury yacht.

There's two more factions to play as, the ruthless Marcos family and The United Souls Of The People, a particularly nasty Panamanian paramilitary group. Also included are two more weapons and add-ons, the UAR-21 Assault Rifle with suppressor and red dot sight and the IMG 5.56 Assault Rifle with the red dot sight.

Finally, three new items make their arrival to give players a boost in multiplayer combat. The calculator pads out your stats awarding two kills for every on you achieve, the Betting Slip earns you money for every kill your teammates make and the Hip Flask protects you from a single sniper round and the effects of Hangover at respawn.

Painful Memories is available to download on Xbox 360 for 800 MS Points and PS3 and PC for 7.29 GBP.

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