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Castle Crashers dev hails XBLA as the reason for the success of console indies

Behemoth reckons XBLA paved the way for indies developing for console

Behemoth, the team behind the Xbox Live Arcade hit side-scrolling brawler Castle Crashers has hailed XBLA as the reason for indie developers' success on consoles.

One member of the studio, John Baez has stressed that indie developers would not be experiencing such success on consoles without the existence of XBLA.

Baez said, "I think without a doubt the indie console community would not exist as it does today if Xbox Live Arcade had been dropped after the original Xbox iteration. No other console hardware manufacturer has had the success of downloadable games that XBLA has had and many smaller developers have shared in that success."

While it's true that there is a contingent of indie studios seeing great success on XBLA with studios like Behemoth shifting 2 million copies and 4J Games' 360 port of Minecraft breaking the XBLA records selling 4 million copies, there are also a good few studios that are heavily critical of the strict regulations that Microsoft have placed on the service.

The ranks of those disillusioned with XBLA include Introversion who spent around four years trying to get Darwinia+ certified for release, Team Meat who had issues with the way Super Meat Boy was promoted and Polytron who claimed that it was prohibitively expensive to patch their hit title Fez.

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