New content coming to Resident Evil 6 this month

Capcom releasing three new multiplayer modes in mid-December

December will see the addition of a selection of new gameplay modes for Resident Evil 6.

There are three modes due this month, Predator, Onslaught and Survivors each offering a brand new two to six player multiplayer experiences for Resi fans.

Predator mode sees one player cast as the hard-to-stop BOW that trailed Jake Muller un the story campaign, the Ustanak to hunt down the other players. For the other players the task is to try and stop the Ustanak or at least survive the round.

Survivors twists the classic solo or team versus modes where those killed respawn as an enemy character with the ability to kill the remaining human players. Killing a human player will allow the respawned enemy player to return in human form. Last man or team standing wins.

Onslaught mode is Resident Evil 6's version of horde mode where two players face off against endless waves of enemies. The twist is that they compete with each other with the one killing enemies faster sending more enemies towards their opponent.

All three modes will be available as timed exclusives on Xbox Live Marketplace from the 18th of December at 320 MS Points each or 720 MS Points for all three.

The 17th of December also sees the release of a free title update for Resident Evil 6 adding improved camera options and the ability to combine English audio with subtitles in other languages. It also unlocks the Ada Wong campaign for all players without the need to complete all the other story campaigns first and adds the new No Hope difficulty level whose name speaks for itself.

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