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EVE Online gets its 18th expansion in Retribution

Revenge is the theme of EVE's latest update

EVE Online receives its 18th free expansion today in the shape of Retribution.

Retribution opens up the possibilities for revenge on a much greater scale than ever before. CCP has introduced a new bounty hunting system that will offer players the chance to get revenge across the Alliance, Corporation and individual levels. This couples up nicely with the new ability to sell kill rights offering plenty of chances for retributive justice.

CCP has also spent a lot of time rebalancing every frigate, cruiser and destroyer in the game to give new gameplay options and make less used hulls more attractive. They've also added a brand new destroyer, a mining frigate, salvage drones and a micro-jump drive for EVE players to toy around with.

"The EVE Universe has always been alive, filled with the choices of the hundreds of thousands of pilots who've lived in it. With Retribution we've made many far reaching changes and I believe that EVE will feel revitalized as we head into our second decade," said Jon Lander, EVE Online's executive producer.

There's a raft of other features added as well and, if you've never played EVE Online before or you've let your subscription lapse there's even a trailer to give you a taster of Retribution. You can watch it here.

E3 Trailer