Guillermo Del Toro finds a new developer for InSane

But he's being coy about who it is

Hellboy and Pan's Labyrinth director Guillermo Del Toro has revealed that he has found a new studio to develop his Lovecraftian horror series InSane.

InSane had originally been picked up by THQ and was in pre-production with Saints Row dev Volition. Unfortunately it fell victim to the axe as part of THQ's desperate bid to return to profitability.

Apparently, it now has a new home but Del Toro has remained coy about who he will be working with on the project.

He stated, "We were going to go to a lot of developers after THQ, but it seems like we're going to be developing it after the first meeting we had. I can't disclose where it was, but we went to a great developer on the first meeting and it seems that they're picking it up because they love the package."

"We put a good year and a half into it and we have the universe quite figured out, but we are now going to take that and start doing all the leg work with coding it, creating the engine, and starting to test it. It's going to take a good two years of modeling and rendering and creating the environments and all of that," Del Toro added.

Given that THQ's timetable saw the first game arriving in 2014 this is no real surprise but hopefully he will be able to reveal InSane's new developer soon.

Thanks IGN.

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