Wii U eShop garners praise from indie devs for its lack of restrictions

Frozenbyte and Shin'en praises Nintendo's approach to their download store

Indie developers have welcomed Nintendo's new more open approach for the Wii U's eStore.

Trine 2 developer Frozenbyte has applauded Nintendo for the speedy certification process and minimal restrictions that has allowed them to self-publish their hit platformer on the Wii U's eStore.

"There's still a certification process in most cases but it's much faster than on the other consoles, and the financial burden is basically non-existent," Joel Kinnunen, VP of Frozenbyte explained. "At the moment it seems like it's combining the best of both worlds - the fast and free nature of PC updates, and the 'it works like you expect and won't break your system' certification requirement of console updates. We could probably work with no certification at all, but it's easy to understand the need for it in the larger scale, and in that sense the eShop is a great combination."

Kinnuen added,"The whole development has been a lot more positive than the aggravating process we've gone through on XBLA and PSN. In a way, the eShop has restored our faith in the potential of console downloadable games. We'll see how it goes in the next year."

Shin'en, the team behind Wii U exclusive Nano Assault Neo has also been impressed by Nintendo's relaxed approach to certification for the Wii U eStore.

Mannfred Linzer from Shin'en said, "We have gone from zero to our first Wii U eShop game in around seven months. Our game 'Nano Assault Neo' is a graphical and gameplay showcase title for the Wii U and gives a good idea what is possible on the hardware. It offers for instance TV to GamePad Play, online rankings, live camera streaming and a two player mode. All this stuff was only possible because the development hardware and software was very accessible from the start. All of this was only done with a five person team."

If this approach from Nintendo proves workable in the longer term then it could see indie devs flocking to the Wii U in droves meaning that the biggest challenge for Wii U gamers will be how to upgrade the Wii U's limited storage capacity to accommodate all their eStore purchases.

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