Xbox 720 could be released before Thanksgiving 2013

Microsoft may be looking to take advantage of the holiday markets

Sources, (anonymous of course) have suggested that, given the 360's impressive performance across the Thanksgiving period in the US, Microsoft will seek to release their next home console in time to capitalise on the same period next year.

The Xbox 360 sold nearly twice the volume of the Wii U during its launch week (that's the week of November the 18th) and has continued to sell strongly in the lead up to Christmas taking advantage of holiday sales and Black Friday deals.

Business sources close to Microsoft have stated that they will be aiming to take full advantage of the same sales environment for their new console pointing to a release for Durango some time just before Thanksgiving 2013.

These are just rumours at the moment and it looks like we won't see anything concrete on new home consoles from Microsoft or Sony before E3 2013. Expect more rumours to surface around DICE and the GDC at the beginning of next year.

Thanks Bloomberg.

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