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Binding Of Isaac developer expected the game to fail

Developer expected that the game's tackling of religious themes would cause it to sink without a trace

Edmund McMillen has been talking about his Biblically-themed cult hit Binding Of Isaac.

He explained that they were so worried about the game 'sucking' that they decided just to release the game without even testing it.

McMillen explained, "The reason we released Isaac when we did was because it was done (if untested), and I didn't want to waste any more of my time on something I expected would crash and burn. I was just so worried it would suck that I wanted to get it out and over with."

"From any mainstream marketing perspective, I designed Isaac to fail - and that was my goal from the start," he added.

It seems that tackling the rather dicey issue of religion has won the game a great many fans. He continued, "One-quarter of the people who own the main game paid for the Wrath of the Lamb expansion, and the interest seems to continue building. I'm not saying everyone who played Isaac did so because they cared about these themes, or that they even understood why they were in the game, but I strongly believe that this adult conversation I dove into with Isaac is what made the game stand out to people and kept them thinking."

The Binding Of Isaac has managed to shift over a million copies on Steam within its first year of release and has been helped by featuring in Steam sales including a hefty discount the most recent Thanksgiving sale.

Thanks Gamasutra.

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