Dragon Age III: Inquisition could be a next-gen release

CV indicates the next Dragon Age game might be delayed until 2014

Dragon Age III: Inquisition may be headed for the next generation of home consoles according to the latest indications.

The indications come from the LinkedIN CV of Tao Gu, a level designer over at EA Shanghai which mentions a change in scope for BioWare's next swords and sorcery effort.

The CV reads, "Scope of the DAIII has been changed [sic], which will target next gen platform and will be postpone to 2014."

This is a possibility given that BioWare are building DAIII using Frostbite 2 technology but it will be a disappointment for series fans who were expecting it to be released in 2013 as EA stated when they announced the game back in September.

EA has declined to comment for now.

Thanks Kotaku.

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