EA announces the release dates for the Aftermath pack for Battlefield 3

Premium PS3 gamers get the pack today

EA has detailed and dated the penultimate pack of downloadable content for Battlefield 3.

The Aftermath pack brings in a selection of devastated urban environments for Battlefield fanatics to take each other on over. It also adds three new vehicles including a heavily armoured troop transport and a modified civilian vehicle to influence the dynamics of the combat.

Aftermath also adds new Scavenger mode which forces squads, each member equipped only with a pistol, to search the battlefield for better weaponry in order to aid their fight for survival. In addition to this it adds a new combat crossbow offering stealth fans a powerful and silent way to kill the enemy.

Finally it brings ten new assignments, new dog tags and trophies/achievments.

Aftermath launches for PS3 Premium gamers today with Xbox Premium gamers getting the pack on December the 4th. Non-Premium PS3 gamers will be able to buy Aftermath from December the 11th on PS3 with Xbox non-Premium Battlefield 3 players getting it last on December the 18th.

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