Dunwall City Trials DLC for Dishonored dated

Test your assassin skills from the second week in December

The first pack of downloadable content for Dishonored, Dunwall City Trials has been given a release date.

The new DLC allows players to test their skills in 10 separate challenges across Dunwall. It encourages budding assassin's to find creative ways to combine their skills, weapons and supernatural powers to meet these challenges.

The challenges range from eliminating as many targets as possible and fighting off wave upon wave of tallboys, guards, weepers and thugs to completing a non-stop run of drop assassinations. All scores will feature on global leaderboards allowing players to demonstrate their prowess to the world. The DLC also features a further selection of Achievements or Trophies.

Dunwall City Trials will be available to download for 400 MS Points on Xbox 360 or 3.99 GBP on PS3 and PC from December the 11th.

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