Wii U Gamepad supports 3D, apparently

Glasses are required though

It hasn't been something that Nintendo has been shouting from the rooftops about but it seems that the Wii U Gamepad's screen can support 3D visuals.

The silence on this sort of functionality is probably to do with the fact that the gamepad's 3D functionality requires a pair of 3D glasses in order for it to work specifically a pair of green and magenta glasses from Inficolor.

The 3D functionality can be activated at any time through the options menu on the gamepad.

Assassin's Creed III will offer support for this. Whether this 3D functionality is extended to the TV that the Wii U is connected to as well is another thing entirely but it is worth noting that AC III is one of the Wii U titles that can be played entirely on the gamepad's screen.

Thanks MCV.

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