Rumours suggest that Microsoft will launch two models of the Xbox 720

Download-only version may not support triple-A releases

The last year has been rife with rumours on what Microsoft's next generation of Xbox hardware will consist of and the latest round of rumours seem to suggest that they will be launching two separate models.

Early rumours suggested that the Xbox 720 would be a download only machine and these were followed by a disc-drive-less Xbox 360 lite. Later rumours seemed to indicate that the new Microsoft console would include a Blu-Ray drive and support tablet devices.

It would now appear that both may be true as the latest rumours indicate that the 720 will come in two forms one machine with a disc drive and the ability to run full-featured triple-A titles and a cut down version that features only a hard disc drive that will only support the multimedia features and more casual gaming side of Xbox Live Arcade.

This means the download-only machine will be more of like Apple TV and will be aimed at a much wider audience. Microsoft's next generation of machines is expected to appear some time later on in 2013.

Thanks The Verge.

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