Sine Mora arrives on PS3 and PS Vita with some exclusive content

Under Defeat's Wilhelmina Muller makes a guest appearance

Grasshopper and Digital Reality's horizontal shooter Sine Mora hits PSN for PS3 and PS Vita today bringing some exclusive extras for each platform.

The PS3 version includes the new Challenge mode featuring several one to two minute challenges that push players' shooter skills to the very limit over some of the Story Mode levels.

The PS Vita version introduces touch controls and a new GPS unlock gallery charting a player's progress. Both versions also include Wilhelmina Muller (originally a character in Under Defeat) as a pilot along with her UD Bomb special weapon that features a unique radial blue laser effect.

Sine Mora is released today in North America for PS3 and PS Vita on PSN with the European release coming tomorrow. It will cost 9.99 USD/EUR or 7.99 GBP.

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