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Planetside 2 goes live

Sony's massive F2P shooter comes out of beta

Planetside is back on the PC. Today sees the full launch of Planetside 2 and it's gone free-to-play.

Planetside 2 builds on all the success of the first game and promises an impressive experience courtesy of the new ForgeLight engine. The new technology drops PC shooter fans into some massive online battlefields as one of six different classes in on of three factions.

Sony Online Entertainment boss John Smedley said, "PlanetSide 2 sets the new standard for shooters. With thousands of players fighting simultaneously across several beautiful, massive continents, the size and intensity of PlanetSide 2 has no equal. You've never played anything like it."

"We set out to create a massive, unprecedented game, and we succeeded. PlanetSide 2 will break records for its size and combat," added the game's creative director,Matt Higby. "Now, it's the players' turn to make history. The war stories of brutal combat, acts of valor, casualties and victories from beta testing have been epic. But, the slate is clean, and the game has launched. It's time to create legends."

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