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Bungie says, "We were instrumental in the rise of Xbox Live"

Bungie studio head, Harold Ryan has been talking about the Halo creator's contributions to the growth and success of Xbox Live.

Ryan explained that Xbox Live would not be the service it is today without all the work that Bungie put in to shaping Xbox Live's services early on in its lifespan.

He began, "I think Xbox Live wouldn't have made it. I don't think the Xbox would be where it is today without Bungie and without Halo."

"As a group," he continued, "we provided both technical and creative guidance and thought leadership that really pushed the limits. We werent just a game developer using the service. We were integrated in the design of the service and how it worked. Systems for groups and matchmaking and skill ranking were all things that were pushed the furthest and the hardest by us."


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