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Xbox Live celebrates its 10th birthday

XBLA classic titles slashed in half to celebrate

Microsoft is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the launch of Xbox Live with a half price sale on some classic XBLA titles.

The sale includes some definitive XBLA titles like the awesome Castle Crashers, SuperGiant Games gorgeous RPG Bastion and the quintessential twin-stick shooter Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved, all at half price.

It has been ten years since Microsoft launched their online gaming platform on the original Xbox and it has come a very long way since the service first launched.

Massive hits like the Halo series and numerous Call Of Duty titles have helped to grow Xbox Live from a quiet launch into the dominant online console gaming platform in the world. Along the way, on the Xbox 360 Microsoft has added extra value to the service with a plethora of TV and music giving Xbox users access to a formidable array of services alongside the multiplayer gaming.

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