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Bethesda releases details and screenshots of the new Skyrim DLC, Dragonborn

Solstheim setting confirmed amongst other details

Bethesda has announced some of the main details of their upcoming Dragonborn downloadable content for Skyrim.

As the launch trailer has already shown Dragonborn transports players to the Morrowind island of Solstheim in search of a long lost Dragon Priest.

Dragonborn introduces Solstheim native race, the Skaarl as well as new monsters to battle in the form of Ash Spawn, Risklings and more.

It also adds Bonemold and Chitin armours, Stalhrim weaponry and more dark magics from a new Daedric realm.

Travellers to Solstheim will also be able to learn new shouts including the Dragon Aspect which imbues the player with the strength and power of a dragon fortifying physical and magical attributes.

Dragonborn is out on Xbox Live on December the 4th for 1600 MS Points. All the new information and screenshots are available on the official Elder Scrolls website.

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