Basic Wii U only comes with 3GB of usable data storage space

But it will support external USB hard drives

Those buying the basic 8GB Wii U may end up being disappointed in just how much usable data storage space they will get.

The latest Japanese Nintendo Direct webcast has revealed that those with the basic Wii U will be left with just 3GB of storage space on the onboard flash memory after setting up the console on the Nintendo Network.

After formatting 8GB equates to around 7.2GB of actual storage space. The Nintendo Network ID and account data swallows up 4.2GB of that leaving just 3GB for downloads and saves. For those with the 32GB premium model around 29GB is actually available for use so after Nintendo Network data is set up that leaves 25GB.

This may prove problematic for downloading full titles with New Super Mario Bros U weighing in at 2GB and Nintendo Land at 3.2GB which puts collecting a library of downloadable Wii U games out of reach for those buying the basic model.

It's not all bad news though. The Wii U does support external USB hard drives with up to 2TB of storage.

Thanks Kotaku.

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