ArenaNet brings a big free update to Guild Wars 2 and announces a refer-a-friend trial weekend

There's even a special one-off event for players to get stuck in to

ArenaNet has revealed a brand new and rather hefty update for Guild Wars 2 that brings a myriad of new features and even a new zone to explore.

The Lost Shores update brings a whole new region available to all players, a tough new dungeon, a new PvP map set in the Kodan Dojo, new gear from weapon skins to item enhancements and even a new tier of items between Exotic and Legendary and new crafting updates including a new resource to harvest and 200 new recipes.

To celebrate the launch of the Lost Shores update, ArenaNet have planned a one-off even and free trial weekend. Existing players can invute up to three friends to try out the game over the Lost Shores update launch weekend.

The Lost Shores update arrives for Guild Wars 2 on November the 15th. That same day the free trial weekend begins with the Lost Shores event beginning the next day, November the 16th and running till the 19th. The free trial event ends on the 19th of November.

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