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Star Wars: The Old Republic to transition to free-to-play next week

All of the story content to be available for free

EA has announced that next week will see their big budget MMO, Star Wars: the Old Republic reinvent itself as a free-to-play game.

All of SWTORs story content will be available to play for free with subscribers receiving additional benefits such as fuller character creation options, two additional crew skills and the ability to revive in the field at no additional cost (a full list of the benefits of subscribing is available on the SWTOR website).

Current subscribers wqill receive the additional benefit of receiving bonus Cartel Coins as listed on the Cartel Coin Ledger ,a href="https://account.swtor.com/user/cartelcoins">page and a one off 250 Cartel Coin bonus.

SWTOR will launch as a freer-to-play title on November the 15th.

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