First Grand Theft Auto V details hit the street

GTA V to be Rockstar's biggest game yet

The first proper details of Grand Theft Auto V have arrived and they make for some interesting reading.

Firstly, the Los Santos of GTA V will be larger than the worlds of GTA IVs Liberty City, Red Dead Redemption and GTA: San Andreas combined with some nice rural settings, a military base and even a voyage to the bottom of the sea on the cards.

There will be three main characters a retired bank robber called Michael who gets sucked back into the underworld, a career criminal with a drug problem called Trevor and a young street hustler called Frankin all of whom will be playable. Players will be able to switch between the three at almost any time.

Each one has their own unique personality and skill set and some missions will require them to work together co-operatively with players switching in between the three.

The randomised missions from Red Dead are back so there will be plenty of dynamic diversions in the form of hitchhikers, muggers and even the odd corpse. The game will also feature its own economy although there will be no properties to buy. Rockstar promises theres loads more to the game as well.

Thanks Game Informer via Kotaku.

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