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Dyad finally out tomorrow on PSN

"It will blow your mind" says Ziggurat dev Tim Rogers

The Mitzuguchi-inspired indie title, Dyad will finally see a release on PSN this week.

Dyad, is a very psychedelic experience inspired by Q Entertainments more experimental titles like Rez and Child Of Eden.

The games creator Shawn McGrath wrote on the PlayStation Blog, "Hello my European friends, Shawn McGrath, creator of Dyad, here. My sincerest apologies for the long delay in getting Dyad to your lovely continent. I was completely unprepared for the extra work required to get the game out, but its all done now and is coming out this Wednesday, the 7th."

As the man said, Dyad will be available to download from the PlayStation Store from the 7th of November for the discounted price of 9.99 EUR with a further 20 percent off for PS Plus subscribers.

Also featured in the announcement on the PS Blog is a rather entertaining tongue-in-cheek advert for Dyad, made by Action Button Games Tim Rogers which is well worth a watch for comedy value.

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