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Hawken aiming for 10 million registered users

Adhesive Games thinking big for their pacey free-to-play mech shooter

Adhesive Games has revealed that they have lofty ambitions for their free-to-play mech shooter title Hawken, when it launches towards the end of the year.

Hawken itself is a pretty ambitious title blending Unreal Engine 3 powered triple-A visuals with a mech combat mechanic that has left behind the lumbering pace of games like Mechwarrior in favour of a pace more in line with Call Of Duty.

With such an ambitious game Adhesive Games are hoping that they can attract as many as 10 million registered users, an audience akin to that of Call Of Duty or League Of Legends.

Adhesive creative director Khang Le said, "We're our own publisher and our own developer - we answer to nobody except the consumer. There is no middle man. It's great. The free-to-play model solves piracy, and while there's a stigma around it in some quarters, that is changing. We've spent a long time polishing the game and building it to be very satisfying from the off. Free means you can start small but get very big - just look at Minecraft."

Hawken is scheduled for launch on December the 12th and eager players can sign up at the game's official website.

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