Fez coder joins Capybara Games

Renaud Bedard "super excited" about his new job

Toronto based indie studio, Capybara Games announced the latest member of staff to join their team.

Renaud Bedard, coder on Polytron's Fez has joined the Critter Crunch and Swords & Sworcery developer as Capy announced today on Twitter.

They said, "***** SUPER EXCITING NEWS OVER HERE! Renaud Bdard AKA @renaudbedard has joined the CAPY team! That's crazy, man! We're totally psyched!!! "

Polytron's Phil Fish said on Twitter, "The remaining employees of the Polytron Corp. would like to say goodbye and thank you to [Bedard] for all the years of amazing work."

Bedard said of his warm welcome at Capy, "Woah, thanks for the immediate and overwhelming response re: the CAPY announcement. Needless to say, I'm SUPER DUPER excited too! :D"

Thanks Joystiq.

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