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Serious Sam dev the latest to voice concerns over Windows 8

Windows 8 certification risks creating a "walled garden" in PC development

Croteam CTO Alen Ladevac has joined the growing ranks of seasoned PC games developers to express worries over the new certification system for Windows 8.

Speaking on the Steam forums Ladevac warned that Microsoft's new moves with Windows 8 threaten to create the kind of walled garden culture that has plagued this generation of consoles.

Ladevac vented, "Gabe Newell did not overreact. What you don't see here is that, under the hood, the new tiled UI is a means for Microsoft to lock Windows applications into a walled garden, much like the one on iOS."

"There is this 'small detail' that Microsoft is not advertising anywhere, but you can find it dug deep in the developer documentation: one cannot release a tiled UI application by any other means, but only through Windows Store," he continued.

"If it was just about 'being downloaded from Windows store', it would not be a problem. It would be nice to have a common hub to download things from. But to get an app onto that store, it has to be certified by Microsoft," Ladevac went on. "This means bringing the 'console experience' onto your desktop. Each app that you will get through the Windows Store will have to adhere to certain requirements imposed by Microsoft."

He concluded, "Certification is a broken concept and should be abolished. It is a vicious circle. And not an accidental one. This one was carefully designed to be that way. I say: no thank you, I'll skip on that one."

As CTO at Croteam Ladevac has plenty of experience of Microsoft's XBLA certification process with their Serious Sam series, a process which has been heavily criticised by numerous indie developers.

Thanks Polygon.

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