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Codex update arrives for Dust 514 closed beta

CCP celebrates with a Double XP long weekend

CCP has detailed the latest update for their ambitious free-to-play MMO for PS3, Dust 514.

The Codex update brings in Corporations to Dust 514 allowing players to band together to form their own groups just the same as they would in EVE Online.

It also includes female avatars allowing female players to finally be female in the game. It also brings a host of new weaponry and buffs to upgrade existing guns to make them even more lethal.

The final boost in the Codex update is the addition of more backgrounds introducing much more diversity into the game's battlegrounds.

To celebrate the launch of the Codex update CCP are running a Double XP long weekend between the 3rd and the 8th of November. Dust 514 is currently in closed beta available to PS Plus subscribers.

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