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Red Thread Games founded to work on a Dreamfall sequel

New studio to focus on story-driven games for PC and mobile as well as Dreamfall series

Funcom's Ragnar Tornquist has been given leave by the MMO studio to start up a side-project producing a long-awaited sequel for Dreamfall: The Longest Journey.

Tornquist has founded his own studio in the shape of Red Thread Games in Oslo to begin work on Dreamfall Chapters licensed by Funcom. Tornquist will also continue to work on The Secret World in an advisory capacity.

Pre-production has been funded by the Norwegian Film Institute to the tune of around 175,000 USD.

Red Thread's plan for the future is to focus on creating original, story-driven games for mobile and PC as well as continuing work on The Longest Journey series.

Thanks GamesIndustry.biz.

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