Hotline Miami dev talking to Sony about PS3 and Vita versions of the game

Soderstrom looking at smartphone ports too

Hotline Miami developer Jonatan Sderstrm has revealed that he has been talking to Sony about bringing Hotline Miami over to PlayStation devices.

By PlayStation devices this means both the PS3 and PS Vita which is an exciting prospect indeed. Sderstrm also said that he was interested in the challenge presented by bringing the game to touch-screen devices on iOS and Android.

He mused, "Would be interesting to see if it was possible to get it to play well on a touchscreen device. Sounds like a challenge."

If the news that critically acclaimed, non-drenched, uber-violent Hotline Miami could appear on the PS Vita has your mouth watering Soderstrom pointed out that they'd need outside help saying, "We would need someone to port it for us."

Thanks Pocket Gamer.

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