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Hawken secures 18 million USD more funding

Free-to-play mech shooter funding hits triple-A levels

Meteor Entertainment, the publisher of Adhesive Games' new free-to-play mech combat game Hawken has announced that they have secured a further 18 million USD of funding.

This new round of funding takes the overall funding so far for Hawken up to 28.5 million USD, enough to rival many triple-A retail titles.

Hawken has already been attracting a fair bit of positive attention, not only because of its striking triple-A level visuals but because it is aiming to provide a far faster multiplayer experience than any mech game has ever done before.

Adhesive Games are running closed beta sessions for Hawken throughout November and you can sign up for the chance to take part at Hawken's official website and is due to launch fully on December the 12th.

Thanks GamesBeat.

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