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Okami HD arrives on PSN

Amateratsu gets Move support as well as an HD facelift

PlayStation 3 gamers are in for a treat today as the HD version of Capcom's scintillating adventure, Okami arrives to download today.

The adventures of Amaterasu became one of the high points of the PS2's catalogue and the game's unique visuals played a large part of that success. Okami HD faithfully updates the game's visual style with high definition textures worth of the sun goddess herself.

The game's look isn't the only thing that has been updated though. Capcom has taken the time to import the control scheme over from the Wii version of the game giving anyone with a Move controller the chance to really get to grips with the Celestial Brush.

Okami HD is available from today on the PlayStation Store at 15.99 GBP.

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