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Minecraft pushes Modern Warfare 3 off the top of the most played games list on Xbox Live

Mincraft changing gaming habits on the 360

For the first time this year Modern Warfare 3 has been unseated from the number one position as the most played game on Xbox Live.

Major Nelson's top ten games played on Xbox Live is measured by the number of unique users logged in to Xbox Live and the list has been dominated by Call Of Duty games for the last few years.

Now it has been replaced, not by a triple-A title but by an XBLA game and what better title to do it than Minecraft.

Congratulations are due to Mojang and to 4J Games for doing such a good job of the 360 version of Minecraft. This has been the first time that MW3 has not been in the number one spot since it replaced Black Ops upon its release in November of last year.

Thanks Major Nelson.

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