Capcom offering two chances to get a piece of yourself featured in Remember Me

Metaphorically of course

capcom is running two competitions for eager fans to get a piece of themselves features in next year's Remember Me, figuratively of course.

The first competition offers the more creative members of the community the chance to design a billboard to feature in the game's Neo-Paris cityscape.

Heading over to Advertising in 2084, designers will be presented with five advertising briefs for some of the fictional companies featured in the game. Simply select a company and design a billboard to have the chance of it being featured in the finished release.

Less creative-minded members of the community are being invited to submit a picture of one of their most cherished memories along with an explanation of why this memory is so important to them between October 25th and November 29th.

Images will be chosen at random to appear in Remember Me's Memory Overload sequences which result from the main character Nilin's signature attacks. More information on this will be posted on Remember Me's official Facebook page.

Remember Me is aiming for a release some time in May 2013 on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

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