3 DLC packs due for Dishonored beginning with the Dunwall City Trials

First pack arriving in December

Bethesda and Arkane Studios have revealed some details of their planned downloadable content for Dishonored.

Arkane's new release will receive three packs of DLC in all with the first one being called the Dunwall City Trials due some time in December for 400 MS Points on 360 or 3.99 on PS3 and PC.

This pack will feature 10 challenge maps that will test players stealth, combat and mobility skills including arena battles, a tough run of drop assassinations and a race against the clock.

The next two packs will be story-driven campaign packs due to be released next year.

The first which is due in the Spring will introduce Daud and his Whalers, a group of supernatural assassins promising a story whose outcome will be affected by every choice made during the missions.

The third pack will be announced at a later date.

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