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Microsoft details the new War Games Map Pass for Halo 4

Pass to give access to three full map packs for Halo 4 Infinity Multiplayer

Microsoft has announced details of the multiplayer downloadable content that they will be releasing for Halo 4.

There will be three full-on multiplayer map packs each with three maps included arriving for Halo 4. As well as being available individually they will all be available together with the discounted rate War Games Map Pass (that's a Season Pass to you and me).

The Crimson Map Pack due in December will include the open, vehicle focused Harvest, Shatter which is set on an alien moon and Wreckage which features a combination of tight spaces and dangerous exposures.

Next is the Majestic expected to be ready in February. This adds Landfall and infantry map set against a glimmering ocean, the space-based Monolith map and the industrially themed Skyline map.

The last to be detailed is the Castle Map Pack which is shooting for an April release. This includes Daybreak, a map set in a remote mountain facility, Outcast set in the midst of alien architecture and Perdition a tactically focused urban map.

Anyone buying the War Games Map Pass will also get the exclusive Scanner and Strider helmets and a unique Falcon in-game emblem.

Halo 4 itself hits shelves on November the 6th.

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