2K reveals the Slingshot Content Pack for XCOM: Enemy Unknown

Elite Soldier Pack available to all to buy now on downloads

2K Games has announced details of a new pack of downloadable content that will be coming soon for XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

The Slingshot Content Pack will add a new linked set of Council missions. The missions introduce a new mysterious Triad operative and lead to more intense battles with the alien invaders over China.

An exact release date and price will be announced for the Slingshot DLC soon. In the meantime they have launched the pre-order bonus Elite Soldier DLC pack for anyone who missed out on it art launch.

It will add the Classic XCOM Soldier, a recruit inspired by the original XCOM: UFO Defence troopers, Soldier Deco packs allowing a range of aesthetic upgrades for body armour and complete colour customisation.

The Elite Soldier DLC is available on Xbox Live, PSN and Steam for PC for 400 MS Points on 360 or 4.99 USD on PSN and PC.

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