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Sony reinvents Singstar as free-to-play

Players to get the game for free and they buy songs individually on PSN

Singstar has made a return to the PS3 this time as a free-to-play game.

Existing microphones (even the old wired PS2 ones) and the PlayStation Eye can be used to play the game with players now able to rty out demo versions of the 3000 songs available on the SingStore and then buying the ones that they want.

Sony will be hoping that by making the game free-to-play this way they can re-ignite interest their flagging karaoke series.

"It will be interesting," explained senior producer Chris Bruce. "To be honest; it is a bit of an unknown. Obviously we on SingStar haven't done this kind of thing before. We are very, very excited about it, making it available to everyone in Europe. it is about broadening the audience and getting as many people singing and playing and having fun as we possible can."

Thanks MCV.

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