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SmartGlass comes to the Xbox 360 this Friday

Full support extended only to Windows 8 devices for now

Windows 8 and the Surface aren't the only things that Microsoft are launching at the end of the week.

The new SmartGlass functionality will also arrive for the Xbox 360 allowing 360 users to control their console using their touchscreen phones and receive interactive partner information to their tablets.

SmartGlass will be compatible with all Windows 8 and Windows RT tablet devices as well as Android phones and tablets and of course the iPhone and iPad.

The first games to support SmartGlass will be Forza Horizon (also due on out Friday in Europe), Halo 4, upcoming free-to-play action title Ascend and Dance central 3.

SmartGlass launches this Friday, October the 26th alongside Windows 8, Windows RT and Microsoft's new Surface Tablet.

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