Max Clifford engineered the original Grand Theft Auto controversy

Not that the series couldn't manage to cause a bit of a stir on its own

After 15 years the men behind the original Grand Theft Auto have revealed that the controversy surrounding the first game was manufactured.

Mike Dailly, co-creator of the series, confessed that British publicist Max Clifford engineered the whole thing so that MPs would take notice of the game's controversial content.

"Max Clifford made it all happen. He told us how he would play it, who he would target, what those people targeted would say," Dailly said.

The game's other co-creator, Dave Jones added in their defence, "We knew why every decision was made, and we were never, ever influenced by 'let's do something to create a bit of controversy'. We always did everything from the perspective of what's going to be the most fun. It just naturally kept pushing us down the darker direction."

Thanks The Sunday Times.

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