Michel Ancel surprised by the power of the Wii U

Rayman creator finding acres of memory to work with on the Wii U

Michel Ancel has expressed his surprise at just how powerful the Wii U actually is.

The Rayman creator has become closely intimated with Nintendo's new home console as his team prepares the Wii U exclusive Rayman Legends which is due out before March of next year.

He said of his experiences with the Wii U so far, "It's partly us - we improved the engine - but I think the console is quite powerful. Surprisingly powerful. And there's a lot of memory. You can really have huge textures, and it's crazy because sometimes the graphic artist - we built our textures in very high-dentition. They could be used in a movie. Then we compress them, but sometimes they forget to do the compression and it still works! So yeah, it's quite powerful."

"It's hard sometimes when you're one of the first developers because it's up to you to come up with solutions to certain problems," Ancel continued. "But the core elements of the console are surprisingly powerful."

Thanks Develop Online.

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