DOOM 3 unleashes its hell on Europe once more

DOOM 3 BFG Edittion launches today

The DOOM series sees its first retail release in quite some time with the remastered DOOM 3 BFG Edition today.

DOOM 3 has been given a HD visual update and has been optimised for modern gaming with a new checkpoint save system, 5.1 surround sound and it is even playable in 3D with the BFG Edition.

It also includes the Resurrection Of Evil expansion pack, never seen before Lost Missions, Trophies/Achievements and even versions of DOOM and DOOM 2 to boot.

President of Bethesda, Vlatko Andonov said, "Today we're bringing back id Software's genre-defining shooter, with the release of DOOM 3 BFG Edition. We are excited for new and existing fans to play the newly enhanced and extended DOOM 3 - and for them to have the opportunity to play the classic DOOM and DOOM 2 games."

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