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Football Manager 2013 beta launches today

Pre-orderers can get their hands on the game from today

SEGA and Sports Interactive today launched the single player beta for Football Manager 2013.

The beta version of Football Manager 2013 allows budding managers who've pre-ordered the game to experience the full game two weeks ahead of launch and even carry their save games into the launch version of the game when it arrives on November the 2nd.

Sports Interactive boss Miles Jacobson said, "We had an idea that this pre-order promotion was going to be popular, but nothing prepared us for the wave of enthusiasm that we were hit with when we announced it last month. If you've already pre-ordered your copy, then you can start playing the Beta version right now - and if you haven't then there's still time, as this offer will stay good right up until the day of release."

The beta will stay live on Steam until November the 5th to give all players a chance to pick up the retail version and transfer over their progress to the full game.

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