Several studios sniffing around City Of Heroes

Paragon's superhero MMO may yet still be saved...

The soon-to-be closed superhero MMO City Of Heroes may receive a lifeline in the form of a buyout.

In a recent interview the head of the Save City Of Heroes movement, Tony Vazquez suggested that several studios are considering purchasing the game from NCSOFT as it has been consistently profitable.

Vazquez said, "Some people in our community have reached out to some other publishers like Valve, and Riot Games. Some of them have even reached out to Cryptic as they originally developed City of Heroes. "

"I hate to be coy about this, " he continued, "but I have heard that multiple publishers and developers have been interested in enquiring about City of Heroes, it isn't just Paragon Studios at the table. Who? I can't really say, but if there are they don't talk to me directly. The more the merrier though, as the higher the number the better chance we have of another studio acquiring the IP. "

Whatever happens, if anyone is to save City Of Heroes, the better do it quickly as it is due to close down on November the 30th.

Thanks GamerZines.

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