Valve beefs up Steam Greenlight with concepts and software

Community can now give feed back on concepts as well as approving software and games

Valve has broadened the categories of items that can feature on Steam's Greenlight service.

Developers can now use the community voting service to get software approved for release on Steam and even get crucial feedback of concepts that they are working on.

While Greenlighting a concept for a game of piece of software will not immediately get the finished article a Steam release it will allow devs to see if anyone would want to see their concepts become reality.

Valve has also added some extra features to help Greenlight users get the most out of the service. The front page has been updated with a recent additions section as well as recent news and Friend's favourites portion as well.

Those with projects can now add contributors to their project to help them work through feedbacka nd respond to questions. There's even a new widget creator that can be used to help promote your Greenlight project.

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