Two more staffers leave the BioShock Infinite team

BioShock Infinite still on for a February release

Irrational Games has lost two more staffers in the final six months of development on BioShock Infinite.

Software engineer Don Norbury and designer Clint Bundrick are both showing employment changes on their LinkedIn profiles.

Norbury and Bundrick are both now under the employ of Microsoft as senior software development engineer and senior designer on an unannounced project.

These are the latest departures seen at the Boston-based studio after product development boss Tim Gerritzen and technical art director Nate Wells both left the studio earlier this year.

Studio boss Ken Levine said, "In a company of 200 people you're going to have turnover. I'm not going to stop people. We love Nate and I think we all remain friends. After 13 years he sort of finished his work on BioShock Infinite, as you will be able to tell when you see the game again... I think Nate's moving on to something else."

Thanks GamesBeat.

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