Omega DLC for Mass Effect 3 due late November

Players to get to control Aria T'Loak in her bid to retake Omega

The next bundle of single player downloadable content for Mass Effect 3 has been dated.

The new Omega DLC will see players take short vacation from playing as Shepard as they take control of criminal overlord Aria T'Loak as she attempts to wrest back control of Omega from Cerberus.

BioWare has promised that Omega will a big add-on for ME3 with it clocking in at double the size of their previous single player efforts.

Omega will be available for Mass Effect 3 on Xbox Live, PSN and Origin for PC on November the 27th (except in Europe where the PS3 version will arrive on November the 28th) for 1200 MS Points or 14.99 USD (around 9.99 GBP) respectively.

Thanks MCV.

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